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Make an Eyeshade

Make these sleep masks in under an hour for great last-minute gifts. It comes in handy when traveling too, on the plane, train, hotels, anywhere you want to grab a snooze.

Download EyeShade Template

What You Need

• Eyeshade pattern (Download File here.)
• 1/4 yd. cotton fabric, prewashed and pressed
• 1/4 yd. coordinating cotton fabric, prewashed and pressed
• 1/2 yd. elastic
• Handful of Poly-fil or lavender
• General sewing supplies
  1. Using your marking too, trace the eyeshade template over the desired area on both fabric prints, on the Wrong side.
  2. Cut 1/2 inch from the trace line to make a Front and a Back piece.
  3. Lay your Front piece Right side up. Place elastic along the center width and pin one end of elastic to the left-hand side with a 1-inch tail beyond the raw edge. Pin the rest of the elastic inside the eyeshade area, avoiding the seam allowance.
  4. Face the Right sides of the fabrics together and pin.
  5. Stitch along the trace line, leaving 1 inch on the right-hand side of the eye shade open.
  6. Press inside the seam line, trim seam to 1/4 inch, and turn Right side out.
  7. Fill the shade lightly and evenly with your filler and pin opening closed.
  8. Place eyeshade over your eyes (be careful of the pin!) and measure the elastic around your head. Mark a comfortable point on the elastic.
  9. Place the loose end of the elastic inside the opening (temporarily moving the pin) and replace the pin at the mark.
  10. Slipstitch the opening closed and get some sleep.

See page 39 of Sunday Sews book for a primer on slipstitching!

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