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Make a Lampshade Cover

Dress up a plain or damaged shade with a fresh cover in the fabric of your choice.

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What You Need

• Kraft paper or leftover wrapping paper
• Pencil, ruler, scissor
• Medium-weight cotton fabric in yardage needed to cover shade (my 42′′ dia. barrel shade required 1-1/3′′ yds.)
• Sticky-back Velcro circles (about 3/4′′ dia.)
• General sewing supplies
• Hem tape, optional
  1. Lay out paper on a large, flat surface. With your shade on its side and starting at the seam line, trace shade’s top and bottom as you roll it along paper — stop when you return to seam line. Use ruler to draw a straight line on ends.
  2. Add ¾” seam allowance to curved sides and a 1″ seam allowance to ends. Cut out and measure against your shade to make sure your fabric will cover it.
  3. Press fabric to remove any wrinkles. Lay flat on table with Right side facing down.
  4. Pin pattern to Wrong side of fabric, centering on the most desired print (for example, if there is a repeat that you want to be the focus on your shade, center there). Cut out fabric.
  5. Press fabric ends to Wrong side ¾” on curved sides and 1 inch on straightends. Pin and stitch ¼” around using your sewing machine or use hem tape tokeep in place (may need to hand-stitch corners with needle and thread,depending on the weight of your fabric). Press again.
  6. Lay fabric on table with Right side facing down. Place shade on its side overfabric with seam line facing up. Bring one straight edge to seam line and pin inplace. Use hand to smooth fabric around shade evenly while bringing up otherstraight edge to seam line and pin.
  7. Press 4 Velcro pieces along the edge of one straight edge, using the stickypart to adhere it to the shade and other sticky side to adhere to other straightedge, folding over the other edge so as not to see the Velcro.